Family Tradition.

Our family has done it this way for 100 years and we have had great success. There is an art to farming and it is passed down through generations. Read more articles on life around the farm in our seasonal articles and .

The Wonder of Science.

Remember all that biology you couldn't wait to forget back in high school? Well, we've got it all here written in a way everyone can understand. simple plant and earth science can help increase your bottom line.


From vegetables to herbs and lots of flowers to go with it we have you covered. With over 150 pages of gardening 'how to' articles to grow and harvest your favorite garden crop.

Greenhouse Guidelines

Useful information regarding small greenhouses, maintenance and growing plants.



Phytoplasms are the main cause of plant death and more than 600 plant diseases are cause by these organisms.


Brown-eyed Susan are an easy way to add color to your garden.