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Category: Science

White Mold

About the Disease: The white mold disease is the fungal disease that mainly affects the vegetable crops. For instance, the carrots, beans, lettuce and tomatoes are the main plants that get affected by the fungus. Cabbage can...

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Powdery Mildew

About the Disease: The powdery mild dew infects all kinds of cucurbits. It is a fungal disease. Symptoms: The main symptom that is seen is the pale yellow colored spots that are found all over the surface of the leaves. These...

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Phytophthora Blight

About the Disease: This disease will be infected crops like peppers, the eggplants and tomatoes. It can also affect some variety of beans. The cucurbit crops will be mainly affected. Symptoms: There will be many irregular and...

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Gummy Stem Blight

About the Disease: The Gummy Stem Blight diseases as well as the black rot disease are quite similar. In fact the causative agent for the Gummy Stem Blight is the same as the black rot. Symptoms: This mainly involves the...

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Downy Mildew

About the Disease: This disease is mainly seen in the pumpkin crops. The amount of damage that is caused due to this disease cannot be clearly measured. The yield loss can be very high at times. This mainly happens in the Mid...

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