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Category: Corn Diseases

Southern Corn Rust

About the Disease: this is a fungal disease that is characterized by the formation of blights on the leaf. This is different from the leaf spot disease. There are so many types of sweet corn diseases. Some are caused by the...

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Seed Rot

About the Disease: There are so many plant diseases that you might be aware of. Seed rot is one of the most common plant diseases. This refers to the sudden death of the plant seedlings. It is a fungal disease that might be...

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Northern Leaf Spot

About the Disease: This is a fungal disease that occurs in moderate temperatures in the leaves of plants like corn. It is characterized by the presence of lesions, all over the leaf. Some lesions can be very broad, while some...

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Northern Corn Leaf Blight

About the Disease: The term blight refers to a group of diseases caused by fungus. The Northern Corn Leaf Blight, which is caused by E. turcicum is characterized by long lesions. Usually many spots will merge into one to form...

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Gray Leaf Spot

About the Disease: The gray leaf spot is characterized by graying of leaves and the appearance of black colored specks throughout the foliage. Symptoms: Numerous lesions are formed on the leaves. Thus the leaves can completely...

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