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Starting Seeds In A Greenhouse

Starting seeds in a greenhouse is accomplished by germinating seeds in flats of approximately 1000 plants. The flats are filled with Pro-Mix and a special tool is used to make 10 rows approximately 1/2 inch deep. Seeds are carefully spread out down each row (about 120 seeds per row) and covered with play sand.

The flats are then soaked with water and placed on the germination table. Plastic is laid over the flats to keep the soil moist because a heater is placed under the germination table and it could dry out the flats. The temperature on the germination table is kept around 85 degrees to ensure proper soil temperature.

Once plants reach about 1 inch and have fully developed leaves they are removed from the flats and transplanted into flats with cubes of 72. Much care it taken not to over / under water plants while in the greenhouse and to control the climate as days grow warmer.