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Growing Pansies

Tips on Growing Beautiful Pansy Flowers

by Frances Santos

The pansy flower - growing pansiesAre you looking for the perfect flower to complete your scenic garden? Pansies would definitely be a great choice. If you will look closely at the wonderful garden pansy flower, you’ll find out great surprises about it.

For one, pansies may look very sweet and adorable but behind its sweetness-look is its sturdiness. Yes, these little delicate things can definitely withstand freezing climates that most garden flowers cannot handle.

Pansies grow natively in the lands of Europe and North America. But generally, you can find pansies in almost all parts of the world, particularly those that have moderate climate zones. This is why pansies have been known for many different names such as “Stepmother Flower” in Scandinavia. In Italy, people call Pansy as “Flammola” while in Hungary it is known as “árvácska”. Other names for Pansy include “Pensamiento”, “Trinitaria” and “Heart’s-ease”.

The average size of a pansy flower ranges from 2-4 inches in diameter. Its height can reach up to 9 inches. Pansies color is one of its best assets as it naturally has all the colors of the rainbow. In fact you can also see the pansy flower colored black. But the most amazing thing about its color is that you can find pansy flowers with bicolor and tricolors.

Moreover, pansy flowers are edible. Because of the pansy’s refreshing minty taste, it is often used as palatable and colorful addition to salads, custards and vinegars. Amazing huh?

Propagating Pansies

Have you ever had a bad experience in propagating other flowering plants? Well here’s good news, if you choose Pansy as your garden flower, propagation will definitely be the least of your problems as propagating this wonderful plant is very simple. Some people ought to propagate pansies through the means of cuttings. As you know, cutting is not a difficult job especially if it’s with pansies. But the most common way of propagating pansies is through seeding.

When To Plant Pansies

The best time to plant pansies varies depending on when you want to see it bloom.

If you want to see it bloom in summer, then you should start planting it in the early spring while you can start planting it on fall if you want to see it bloom during the winter or spring.

How to Grow Pansies

The reason why growing pansies is ideal to those who want to have a colorful garden full of blossoming flowers is that this flower is very flexible. This flower can endure different climate type. You don’t have to worry if you’re in a cool or warm country as long as you plant your pansies on a loose soil and you give it an ample amount of sunlight, you can trust that you’ll see it blossom at the right time.

For busy bees like career women, this flower will definitely suit your lifestyle as well as it needs no daily watering. You can water it once or twice a week at least during the dry season. Just make sure that the soil is moist but not too wet.

Pansies Care

Like most plants, pansies need regular weeding so keep them weeded at all times. It is also essential that you make some time to get rid of its spent blooms. This way your pansies could have additional blooms aside from the fact that this can also prolong its blooming phase. Though pansies are considered as sturdy plant as it can withstand different climates, you should also be aware that extreme coldness or frost can still kill your pansies.

Pansies Pests and Diseases

Another good thing about this flower is that it is not too attractive in the eyes of the pests. It seldom gets attraction from them. However, if you encounter a problem with insects it is best to spray with organic pesticides or fungicide. The most common diseases pansies can get include leaf spot, stem rot and mildew.