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Angular Leaf Spot

by Amna A. Kundi

Angular Leaf SpotAbout the Disease: Angular leaf spot is actually a bacterial disease that will occur on any type of cucurbit crops. Out of all the crops, cucumber is affected by Angular Leaf Spot to the least extent.

Symptoms: The leaves will have very small spots that are angular and are brown in color. The leaves can also be straw colored and has a yellow colored halo. These spots will dry and the leaves will drop. The whole leaf looks disfigured with the irregular holes and white liquid forms on the lower portion of the leaves when wet. When the leaves are dry, it will wither out into a crust and tiny circular spots form on the fruits.

Pathogens: Pseudomonas syringae pv. Lachrymans is the main causative agent.

Time of Occurrence: this mainly occurs in the warm and humid climate.

Conditions Favoring Disease: Angular leaf spot will occur when the weather is humid. This disease will mainly affect all the parts of the plants, which are located above the ground. If the fruit gets affected in the plant, the bacteria will find its entry inside the fruit. Thus if one contaminated seed is introduced into the field, next years plants will get affected.

Disease Management: There are some resistant cucumber varieties available. Growing resistant plants can be one of the easiest ways of reducing the disease. When you buy seeds, get them from a reputed place. Choose seeds that are not susceptible to this disease, this could be the easiest way to prevent the disease.

Crop rotation needs to be practiced and if you grow cucumbers, the following year squash can be grown. This type of crop rotation can be highly useful. Also, irrigation methods should also be modified to drip irrigation. The infected fruits need to be removed since this can surely help in the further spreading of the disease.