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Category: Plant Pathology

Plant Viruses

Viruses do not only affect humans and animals, they also attack plants. Over the years, farmers only blamed the devastation of crops due to pests, insects and animals. Up until the 20th century, plant viruses were not even known...

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What is protozoa? Protozoan are species that are single-celled that act like animals. They are eukaryotic and mobile. They have the ability to move unlike most microorganisms in existence. The classifications for these are quite...

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Phytoplasmas are the main cause of plant death. More than 600 plant diseases are cause by these...

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Oomycota are commonly known as water molds or downy mildews. They can be quite destructive as they absorb their food from what is in their surroundings. They also attack an organism and feed from there. This is the reason why...

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What are nematodes? Nematodes are roundworms that have openings on each end. They can be found in most places like the ocean or even the rainforest. Their habitat is diverse that mountains, trenches and deserts have these...

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