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Growing Four O'Clocks

Make your Garden More Captivating with Four O'Clock Flowers!

by Frances Santos

Growing Four O'Clock FlowersGardening can be one of the most ideal ways to ease your stress from the usual heat you get from your regular job. What more could be so exciting and fulfilling than seeing beautiful flowers around you and breathe their fresh fragrance in the morning?

If you have the natural love for flowers, Four O’Clock flowers are definitely a good choice. Four O’Clocks are also called and referred to as the Beauty of the Night or Marvel-of-Peru.

The main reason why most people enjoy planting Four O’Clock flowers is because of their unique and amazing capability of having flowers with different colors on the same plant. Not to mention the ease of propagating this dazzling flower.

Four O’Clocks Propagation

Another good thing about Four O’Clocks is that when it comes to propagation, they won’t give you any problems. You have two choices here.

First, you can gather or collect the seeds just before they fall off the plant and plant them yourself. Second, you can just let the seeds fall off the plant by themselves and expect new plants on the next season.

In addition, you can be more distinct when it comes to Four O’Clock propagation. You can cut or break off a branch with about 7-8 inches long and plant it to the ground or in a container. Don’t worry about root rot before rooting as Four O’Clocks can easily root from branch or stem cuttings. However, you must make sure not to overwater the cuttings to avoid rotting.

Four O’Clocks can generally grow from any kinds of soil. They can easily adapt to any whether but it is best to grow Four O’Clocks if you are enjoying a tropical weather.

How to Grow Four O’Clocks

Four O’Clocks are generally easy to grow. You can practically plant the seeds to your garden or cut some branch from a friend of yours and plant it the same way as other flowers. Four O’Clocks are more ideal to be planted on a soil where there is a direct sunlight though they can still grow in partial shade.

Though Four O’Clock does not require much effort when it comes to growing how-tos, you still need to know some tips if you want to see this plant as its best at all times. Here are some:

  1. Always remember to keep your soil with the right moist.
  2. You can put some fertilizers on them once or twice a month.
  3. Don’t overdo watering. It will easily kill your Four O’clocks.


Four O’Clocks are not like the usual flowers you grow in your garden which can easily attract insects which often cause the roots to rot or to be damaged. Hence, Four O’Clocks do not usually get diseases. However, if you encounter problems or diseases on your Four O’Clocks then you can treat them with chemical insect repellants but it is always best to use the organic ones. You can also use fungicide if you wish to.